Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Sterling Bull And Other Tales

The Sterling Bull & Other Tales

The world is an amusement park with its roller coaster rides, giant wheels, house of horrors, thrills and frills. And everyone is a patron who has his or her share of the pie. One may be up one day, down the next; one may slip and fall and rise up. But all said and done, the experiences are uplifting and there are no places for grudges.

With these humour-veined short stories, the writer subtly hints the reader to take all that life offers with a smile while narrating a series of fictional occurrences that may have been unexpected and unpleasant at the time for some. but in the aftermath, the same events are revealed to be the spice that enriches ones existence. The joys of living are available to one and all and one doesn't have to be special to find life rewarding. 

The Sterling Bull is one such story which is set in the Sterling Road in Chennai. The area where Loyola College is situated. Other famous landmarks which Loyolites would be aware about are Kuttys & Nambys

About Sudarsh Menon

Sudarsh Menon is an advocate practicing in the Supreme Court of India in New Delhi. A keen sports enthusiast with a wide range of interests, he is a first time writer. These stories that he has written are fictional.

However, small humorous incidents that occurred while he was a student in KV Tambaram, Asan Memorial H.S.S, Chennai, Loyola College, Chennai and his bachelorhood days in New Delhi may have provided the inspiration.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dicovering the Joy of Selling

Discovering the Joy of Selling is an inspiring fable written by Achal Rangaswamy- Sales Coach and practitioner of sales and marketing, along with M S Srinivasan- a spiritual thinker.

Based on practical lessons learnt in the market over a span of more than three decades, the book, written in a fictional form, takes the reader through the challenging yet enjoyable and rewarding process of selling to various customers.

The fact that selling provides not only solutions but great joy to both, the customer and the sales professional, is highlighted throughout the book and time-tested and fail-safe techniques are demonstrated time and again in each of the chapters in the book. 

The objective of the authors is to lay bare the positive and impactful role played by sales professionals and the realization of such an impact in their own minds, so that they perform their act even better and more responsibly, thereby winning the hearts of customers in particular, and society in general.

A must-read for young sales professionals, sales leaders who have got stuck in a rut and for those who seek to make a fulfilling career. 

This book was released on 9th March at Ahmedabad Management Association by Professor Abraham Koshi, IIM Ahmedabad, in the presence of special guests Mr. Parag Desai, ED of Wagh Bakri Tea Ltd. and 

Mr. R.S Sodhi, MD of GCMMF (AMUL). 

The book is available in all the leading bookstores of the country.

You could even place an order online from Infibeam-

From Vedams Books-

Saturday, December 14, 2013

46+14=06, A Story of a Genius is in the Limca Book of Records!!!

46+14=06, A Story of a Genius, published by Maitreya is the first book to be written by a mother-son duo and it is featured in the Limca Book of Records 2013 for the same!!!

Camera & Conversations

About the Book

When a young photographer Rohan visits Pondicherry and Auroville, he meets strangers and his conversations with strangers weave different stories for his final photography project. The stories are humorous, inspiring, spiritual and leave you thinking.  Set in the campus of National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Pondicherry and Auroville, the artistic, spiritual and creative town of India, this light-hearted fiction with photographs is written in a contemporary language for the youth. A visual treat for all. Read this book and discover yourself and think can't I be the first one? 

About the Authors :

Ravikiran studied English Literature at Loyola College, Chennai, Advertising &Marketing at Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai and Photography Design at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. ‘Camera & Conversations’ is his second book that he has written with his mother, Sapna. His first fictional work, ‘46+14=06, A Story of a Genius’ is the first one to be written by a mother-son duo.

Sapna is Ravikiran’s friend and mom. She is a classical dancer and writes on Indian Classical dance. After ‘46+14=06, A Story of a Genius’, she wrote a fictional work on Indian dance and dancers titled ‘The Dance Company’.

Availibility of book online-

Stories of Hope

'Stories of Hope' is a collection of short stories. Each tale narrates the journey of a thin red line of hope that fights through adversity. Right from the heart of Nazi Germany in the thick of the holocaust to the collapse of the regime in Egypt in 2011, from the story of hunger in the core of Africa to the tale of Palestine's recognition as a state, there are stories that celebrate the resilience of the Human Spirit. From stories of a mother turned out of her house by her son, to a mother who loses her newborn, to the young wife who must face a baffling truth, and the little girls who face adversities tied to their identity, these are stories that can be anyone's narrative. Stories of Hope is a celebration of Hope and a celebration of the undying human spirit of resilience.

About the Author:

Kirthi is a legal researcher and lawyer. A Peace and Conflict studies enthusiast, Kirthi is a volunteer with the UN. She is presently a Senior Commissioning Editor with e-IR, an online International Relations portal, the Logistics and Constituents Head at The Channel Initiative, working for post-conflict reconstruction in the DR Congo, specifically targeting women. Kirthi works with DeltaWomen, as the Head of Digital Campaigns and Social Media, and as a writer. She also holds a position with CAAGLOP, as the Editor-in-Chief of the eJournals, and as a writer on African Policy. Recently, Kirthi was part of the UNICEF-UN Women Global Thematic Consultation on Addressing Inequalities through her paper titled The Rule of Law to combat Sexual Violence in a Conflict Environment. Kirthi dabbles with Intelligence and Security Analysis with Open Briefing, as an Associate Researcher, at the Asia-Pacific Desk, and runs an International Law Consultancy and Academic Journal called A38. Kirthi has written ad-hoc features for forums that include Insight on Conflict, TransConflict, WorldPulse and PeaceXPeace and is a member of the TrustLaw Network. Her interest and experience over all lie in Peace and Conflict, Public International Law, Gender issues, International Humanitarian Law, and in terms of a regional focus, in Afghanistan, the Middle East, DR Congo and South-Asia. ‘Stories of Hope’ is her first book.

Online Availability of the book:

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You must be keen on knowing about the people behind this publishing company. Here it is...

Maitreya was founded by Sapna Rangaswamy and her son Ravikiran in 2010.

Sapna Rangaswamy is a classical dancer and she writes on Indian Classical Dance. She wrote her first book titled '46+14=06, A Story of a Genius with her son Ravikiran. She named her publishing company Maitreya after Maitreyi Devi, the late Bengali writer. Sapna takes care of the marketing and distribution of the books and has built strong ties with institutes like the National Institute of Design and organisations like Sri Aurobindo Society. Her second book titled 'The Dance Company' has hit the bookshops recently.

Ravikiran is a writer and photographer. He has studied B.A with English Literature from Loyola College, Chennai, Post Graduation Diploma in Advertising and Marketing from Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai and Post Graduation studies in Photography Design from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. While studying at the National Institute of Design, he wrote his first fiction with his mother. As a photographer, he has written done a couple of photo-features for travel magazines and is also currently working on a Photographic Fiction with his mother. Ravikiran does photography, designing and overall layout of the books published by Maitreya.

Aditya Bharadwaj is a Product Designer from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and a mechanical engineer. Being a designer, he keeps dabbling into a lot of different fields. He has provided an illustration in the book '46 + 14 = 06' and has recently done the cover of the book 'Srimad Bhagavatam - At Each Step A Luminous World'. He is also a writer and is working on his own books on design principles and hopes to publish it soon. Aditya does freelance work for Maitreya. 

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Availability of Books Online

We all say that Online and E-reading is the trend these days and here we are listing the availability of books published by Maitreya. Get Great Books at Great Prices.

Ideating Identity - Infibeam-


46+14=06, A Story of a Genius



 Amused- A Short Story Compilation by Ravi & Sapna -



Baker's Dozen-



The Dance Company- 



The Wonder that is Sanskrit-



Beyond the Uncharted Landscape -



Your Thought Power - 



Stories of Hope- 



Camera & Conversations- 



Discovering the Joy of Selling-