Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Sterling Bull And Other Tales

The Sterling Bull & Other Tales

The world is an amusement park with its roller coaster rides, giant wheels, house of horrors, thrills and frills. And everyone is a patron who has his or her share of the pie. One may be up one day, down the next; one may slip and fall and rise up. But all said and done, the experiences are uplifting and there are no places for grudges.

With these humour-veined short stories, the writer subtly hints the reader to take all that life offers with a smile while narrating a series of fictional occurrences that may have been unexpected and unpleasant at the time for some. but in the aftermath, the same events are revealed to be the spice that enriches ones existence. The joys of living are available to one and all and one doesn't have to be special to find life rewarding. 

The Sterling Bull is one such story which is set in the Sterling Road in Chennai. The area where Loyola College is situated. Other famous landmarks which Loyolites would be aware about are Kuttys & Nambys

About Sudarsh Menon

Sudarsh Menon is an advocate practicing in the Supreme Court of India in New Delhi. A keen sports enthusiast with a wide range of interests, he is a first time writer. These stories that he has written are fictional.

However, small humorous incidents that occurred while he was a student in KV Tambaram, Asan Memorial H.S.S, Chennai, Loyola College, Chennai and his bachelorhood days in New Delhi may have provided the inspiration.


  1. Have read his works and man its immensely enjoyable read.. Howlarious at times and thought provoking to.. Have seen him write on how our perspective differs with the change in our context and those are the stuff that have helped to form us

    1. Thanks Haridas and am obliged. I'm also delighted by your observations.

  2. Sudarsh has a good sense of humour, which comes across in his FB posts. Waiting to read the tales.

    1. Thank you very much,Kay Jay. I hope you found the stories amusing.